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HX 1.6 90 inline skates

HX 1.6 90 inline skates
  • HX 1.6 90 inline skates
  • HX 1.6 90 inline skates
  • HX 1.6 90 inline skates
  • HX 1.6 90 inline skates
55 025 Ft
A vásárlás után járó pontok: 1 101 Ft


  • HX 1.6 is new model of TEMPISH in-line skate using modern materials and technologies. As a whole it offers to users – in-line skaters high riding comfort, safe skate handling and moving certainty with sufficient freedom of individual adjustment of both boot and skate according to riding style, individual foot shape and local conditions. HX 1.6 skates are designed for experienced and advanced skaters to withstand medium and high sport loads.

    Skate shell is made of new nylon basis composite material. It’s very solid and tough as well thanks to which weight reduction of whole skate was achieved. In upper part shell is equipped with new metal self-locking buckle with adjustment fixing memory. Therefore there is no need to adjust ideal position and strength of skate collars closure while fastening every single time! Instep strap is equipped with microbuckle for comfortable foot fixing in boot.

    Inner boot (liner) is made of two layer inner bandage on foam and latex basis with partial shape memory. In Achilles tendon and ankle area with very good anatomical shape for increased comfort and definite foot fixation in boot. Outside the liner a new high strength material with excellent air permeability for better ventilation is used. Thanks to structure and dual colour realization it is also dominant esthetical feature of whole skate. Inner removable liner is well anatomically shaped and has two layers. It has two main functions:

    1.     Ability to adapt the individual foot shape and to fix foot in the boot preventing the undesirable movement while skating.

    2.     Absorbs vibrations from the chassis and therefore provides more comfortable skating.


    HX 1.6 90 model is equipped with robust chassis which is made by CNC technology from A356 aluminium alloy. This experienced chassis (used also on TEMPISH ZONER and TEMPISH ELUR models) is coated with DEEP BLACK MATT technology with printing. Its great advantage is low weight and strength. Chassis is attached to shell by central screws, which allows individual adjusting of chassis against skeleton (foot) position or adjusting according to each skater skating style. Chassis can also be changed for TEMPISH CAT or RAPID UNI chassis series. Skates are equipped with TEMPISH RADICAL wheels, which are characterised by high adhesion and surface roughness absorption, low wear and very low rolling resistance. Wheels rotate on quality, accurate ABEC 9 CHROME hi-precision.  

    Level of sport optimal loading 4.

    Wheel size: Radical 85A/90mm

    Screw diameter: 6mm, length 32 mm

    Size: 38-46

    size.: 38 - 24,5cm

    size.: 39 - 25,0cm

    size.: 40 - 25,3cm

    size.: 41 - 26,0cm

    size.: 42 - 26,5cm

    size.: 43 - 27,5cm

    size.: 44 - 28,0cm

    size.: 45 - 28,5cm

    size.: 46 - 29,3cm

    size.: 47 - 30,0cm

  • Recommended use
    Recreational, fitness skating, advanced, experienced skaters.
    Nylon, very light but firmly reinforced in the area above the ankle, locking with a metal buckle with SELF AUTOLOCK system, ventilation under the foot.
    Inner material
    Reinforced Nylon / nylex, anatomic double-layered inner structure for better fixation of the foot and confident skates control, inner lining with shape memory. 3D construction of the outer fabric for a stable structure and excellent feet ventilation
    Relieved monoconstruction, AL alloy, attached to the boot by central screws with adjustable position, surface finish – HI-POLISH
    Wheel type
    RADICAL PU Casting (PUC), Super Hi-Rebound (SHR), high quality wheels
    Diameter of the wheel
    90 mm
    Wheel hardness
    ABEC 9 chrome steel
    Fastening system
    Laces, 1x strap with microbuckle
    Size adjustment
    Quantity in carton
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