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NERROW 3 roller skates

NERROW 3 roller skates
  • NERROW 3 roller skates
  • NERROW 3 roller skates
  • NERROW 3 roller skates
  • NERROW 3 roller skates
  • NERROW 3 roller skates
  • NERROW 3 roller skates
  • NERROW 3 roller skates
  • NERROW 3 roller skates
  • NERROW 3 roller skates
29 465 Ft
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  • NERROW 3 is another revolutionary roller skate model thanks to a universal chassis that can accommodate 4 wheels with a maximum diameter of 84 mm or 3 wheels with a diameter up to 100 mm and the revolutionary technology used in the design of the inner skate boot with a plastic rubber surface R-3D -WITH. The NERROW 3 is fitted with 3 wheels with a diameter of 84 mm and three 100 mm diameter wheels are added in the packaging. Thanks to the large variability of the used wheels, this skate is suitable for either beginner skaters or advanced and experienced skaters , Who can already ride along the trails at a higher speed and try the basic technique of speed skating at longer distances.

    The newly used R-3D-S (Rubber-3D-Surface) technology on the inner boot together with a digital under-fabric printig creates interesting effects that the skate changes color according to the angle you are watching it. The combination of these two technologies opens new possibilities - designing skates and the functional properties of the liner. The entire inner shoe is also stronger and more resistant to damage while the inner boot ventilates and allows moisture and heat removal from the inside of the shoe. The velcro strap is attached directly to the shell and its simple swapping enables the colors to change the individuality of the whole skate according to the needs, feeling or mood of the skater. Tightening of the instep strap holds the foot in the optimum position inside of the shell. The cuff better holds the foot above the ankle while skating and gives the user bigger confidence in skating. The cuff is tightened by a buckle with an anti-opening lock. The buckle is a new design with a lock that is easier and more natural to unlock with one hand, which will be appreciated by both children and their parents.
    The shell of the skate is made of solid and very hard PP (polypropylene), has an adjustable size in the range of 4 sizes. The construction and used materials were reflected in the very low weight of the whole skate. The skates are fitted with wheels that are characterized by high adhesion and damping of surface roughness, low wear and very low rolling resistance. Wheels are spinning on high-quality, precision bearings ABEC 7 CHROME hi-precision TOP SPEED with rubber dusters and minimal rolling resistance provides faster ride.

    Stable load carrying capacity: 3

    Wheel size: Radical 85A / 84mm.

    The brake added in the package is only suitable for 84mm wheels.

    Axis diameter 6mm, length 30 mm.

    Size: 31-34, 35-38, 39-42

    Lenght of the inner liner:

    size.: 31-34 18,8 - 21,4 cm

    size.: 35-38  22,5 - 24,8 cm

    size.: 39-42  25,3 - 27,3 cm

  • Recommended use
    Fitness, speed skating, beginners and advanced skaters.
    3-piece adjustable size - EASY PUSH system, very hard PP (polypropylene),technology R-3D-S (Rubber-3D-Surface)
    Inner material
    Multi-layered, anatomical padding with higher inner boot design for safer ankle placing and protection
    Consisting of two supporting parts with aluminum alloy, reinforced by molding, IDEAL POSITION CONTROL attaching system, surface finish-colored elox with printing
    Wheel type
    RADICAL PU Casting (PUC), Super Hi-Rebound (SHR), high quality wheels
    Diameter of the wheel
    84 mm
    Wheel hardness
    ABEC 7 chrome steel + rubber washer
    Fastening system
    Laces, double-sided metal buckle 1x velcro strap
    Size adjustment
    Quantity in carton
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