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SPARKLE - ladies vest

SPARKLE - ladies vest
9 230 Ft
A vásárlás után járó pontok: 185 Ft

  • This new product of TEMPISH company is intended for girls and women. The ladies’ reflective vest is suitable for all kinds of events where it is necessary to immediately recognize and identify girls and women. The goal of the development department was to enable women to remain attractive even during organizing various events. The vest is therefore not only practical, but thanks to its unique stitching it highlights women’s curves. The vest is made of 100% polyester a its weight is 250 gr./m2.  The vest has a large reflective stripe on the back and smaller stripes on the front side above the flaps – imitating pockets.

    Reflective materials are able to reflect incident light to distance up to 200 m. Reflective stripe is very contrastive to dark background even at a very big distance and a driver can immediately see the vest. After 25 washes reflective elements lose their properties, therefore, we recommend buying a new vest.

    The vest can be used during various sporting activities and events.

    Size: XS-XXL

    Colour: reflective yellow

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