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Tempish Volt-S hokikorcsolya

Raktárkészlet: 39:  1 db
40:  1 db
41:  1 db
43:  2 db
44:  2 db
45:  3 db
Tempish Volt-S hokikorcsolya
  • Tempish Volt-S hokikorcsolya
24 990 Ft
Akció: 19 990 Ft
Kezdete: 2020.05.18   A készlet erejéig!
A vásárlás után járó pontok: 400 Ft

Recommended use Regular sports load, active players of amateur competitions.
Category Men
Outer material Very resistant hard composite thermoplastic material.
Inner material CAMBRA brushed nylon, anatomical insterted nsole
Tongue construction Anatomical two-part tongue, 3D constuction, material - special resistant PVC + felt 9mm
Construction Anatomical shape of the boot skeleton in the ankle and Achilles tendon area, one-part skeleton from a composite thermoplastic material
Lining Anatomical with foam padding in the ankle area.
Blade TEMPISH 7000 stainless steel
Fastening system Special antislip laces
Level of optimal sport loading 4



Length of the insole:

vel.: 39 - 25,6 cm

vel.: 40 - 26,1 cm

vel.: 41 - 26,5 cm

vel.: 42 - 27,2 cm

vel.: 43 - 27,4 cm

vel.: 44 - 28,0 cm

vel.: 45 - 29,0 cm

Hockey skates TEMPISH VOLT-S are suitable for active hockey players of amateur competitions. The skate shell has a unique construction, it is made of one piece of composite resistant plastic, it ensures variable hardness for optimal foot fixation. The skeleton is very light, yet strong and durable. It protects well the leg against the impact of a puck and hockey sticks. The skeleton is very well anatomically shaped, especially in the area of the Achilles tendon and ankles. The skeleton provides very good support and protection of the ankles. Foam lining, especially in the area of ankles and Achilles tendon will take care of the comfort, and anatomical insert fixes the foot in the skate well. The tongue has an anatomically shaped, medium-strong reinforcement, composed of two parts, ensuring a comfortable fit of the instep, ankle and lower shin. The microfiber inner material (CAMBRA brushed nylon), thanks to which the foot does not slip in the skates, provides certainty for skaters. It also effectively conducts away moisture and dries well after skating. Strong waxed laces guarantee the possibility of very firm fixation of the foot in the skate and prevent loosening during skating. The skate is fitted with a high-quality stainless steel blade.


  • VOLT-S is joining the hockey team
    with 25% discount for TEMPISH 25th anniversary!
    Unique construction made of one piece of composite resistant plastic
    Very light, yet strong and durable skeleton
    Foam lining for great comfort
    Effectively conducts away moisture and dries well
    Anatomically shaped, two-part tongue with medium-strong reinforcement
    Waxed laces for very firm fixation
  • CPC
    39:  1 db
    40:  1 db
    41:  1 db
    43:  2 db
    44:  2 db
    45:  3 db
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